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General information

The concept is simple: the teams, consisting of dogs and owner(s), have to pass a number of checkpoints in order to arrive at the finish. They can freely choose the route between the different check points and they can choose whether they walk or run.  The total distance, spread over 3 days, will be between 40 and 60 kilometers.

Sirius will organize a sport event during which the cooperation between man and dog will be put in the spotlights. It will be an event for well trained runners as well as occasional walkers.  It will be an event for all those that want to enjoy a weekend with their dog in the wonderful nature of a little known area.


The walk will be spread over 3 days and the participants will carry their own supplies (sleeping bags, food, etc). Tents will be transported by the organization. Nights will be spent camping and participants will need to provide sleeping coverage for their dogs. The location of the camping site is only communicated to the participants at the moment of departure.


Participants can register alone or with a family/team (maximum five participants of which at least one  adult with minimum one and maximum 3 dogs). Individual Walkers can naturally team up as they please.

90 % of the “Belgian Dogtrekking Trail” will take place on rural and/or forest trails.

Dogtrekking is a new sport discipline that combines canicross and orientation raid. It allows you to explore nature in close collaboration with your dog. Since a couple of years dogtrekkings are being organized and have been gaining in popularity in Italy, Austria and Czechoslovakia.  Since 2007, Sirius organizes dogtrekking events in Belgium.
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Belgian Dogtrekking Trail 2014
Espeler   22 - 24 August 2014

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